Istar Korea X60000 Mega

  • STOCK:In Stock
  • MODEL:IstarX60000
  • WEIGHT:1.60kg
  • DIMENSIONS:30.00cm x 25.00cm x 9.00cm

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ايستار كوريا

موديل 60000 ميجا

جميع قنواتك المفضلة

Istar Korea X60000 Mega With 1 Year 

Nice view, best in Design

1 Year , working with Internet

iStar Korea product information:
HD 1080p Resolution support
HDMI Video output
CA Card Reader
Sensitive Blind search
10000 Channel Storage
64 Satellite storage
Multi-Language Support
DiseqC 1.0-1.1-1.2
Usals Motor Support
Record with USB PRV&Time Shift
Upgrade with OTA-HTTP-USB-FTP
USB 2.0 Support
Multimedia support
Ethernet connection Support
Internet with WIFI


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